Asiame:Why Do Women Lie? Demystifying the Age-Old question

Asiame:Loving and lying

To start with, friendship is not rare. It happens everywhere. Furthermore, lying is not a rare thing. We’ve all lied in the past. For men, it is almost compulsory to have one lady friend who can be told anything and be asked anything-even how to chat with girls for marriage. Probably, she has given you a couple of white-lie shots- you know, those lies that she says just for your sake. And you may be wondering why.

Generally, women are more emotional than men. They don’t hesitate to lie when they see the friendship is going down the drain. Just because she lied doesn’t mean it’s time you throw her to the dogs. Give her a moment. There are certified, valid reasons that a hot girl Vietnam has for lying.


Asiame:Why lie? Valid reasons

  • To avoid hurting your feelings–Asiame

If your lady friend knows that telling you a certain truth will shatter your heart, she might as well lie about it. If you are messing around with Asian single women, and she feels this is wrong, but she knows telling you might crush you, she may tell you whatever you are doing is actually a good thing. However, it will be hard for her to keep lying since she treasures you. Eventually, she will speak out.

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  • To keep you from getting angry–Asiame

We all have different types of friends. Some are cool while some are…not so cool. If a woman has a guy friend who gets angry at a rocket’s speed, she may never tell him certain truths, especially if she thinks they are petty. A woman may never tell her male best friend that he does not know how to date a lady if she thinks saying so will always brings a friendly fight.

  • To protect the friendship–Asiame

A woman may decide to chew all the vinegar solo to save friendship when telling the truth will it. If breaking the hearts of young American singles online happens to be a woman’s cup of tea, a woman may lie it is ‘not such a bad behavior’ even if she believes that those are the kind of men she should break up with. However, truths that serious are not hidden forever. The woman will later tell the man about it.

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  • To make your day–Asiame

Women who want to marry American men may take it a notch higher and put the happiness of their male best friends above theirs. The woman may lie just to make the male friend happy. Sometimes it is only a joke. She may say that she turned gay and started dating Filipino girls. When a truth will spoil your day, she may lie just to make sure your day remains perfect.

  • Just for fun–Asiame

A woman may lie to her guy friend just for fun, probably to make him jealous. A lie like this ends with one of those great laughs. She may ask why a man would marry Asian, and then criticize Asians girls even though she holds no grudge against them. Just to make a friend smile.

The friendship between a guy searching online Asian girls and a girl can be a piece of cake. Women have that good caring hearts that a man needs. Lies are definitely destroyers of true friendship, but sometimes situations don’t leave room for much option, and the woman just has to lie. When you realize she just lied, show her that caring heart she has been showing you. Just in case she did it for you.