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Asiame:What You Should Know About the Female Body

Asiame:Mastering the masterpiece

We can all agree that women have some kind of special beauty that keeps men coming back for more- the curves and…other things. Their bodies are such masterpieces. As much as everyone is responsible for their own happiness, men can’t simply walk away from their gentlemanly duty of ensuring the woman get a good deal of sexual pleasure.

How can a man ensure this? By making sure his girl is proud of each and every part of her body. Making sure she is crazy about her body, that she is comfortable in it. These few tips may be helpful if you are trying to make Vietnamese beautiful women feel sexy about themselves.Asiame

Asiame:What you should know

  • Not all women who look beautiful feel beautiful–Asiame

Just because a girl you found on Filipinoasian dating is hot doesn’t mean she knows she is hot. No. She needs to hear you actually say it. Tell her how her eyes send a shiver down your spine, and how you sing about her in the shower. If you don’t, she gets self-conscious and all, and during sex she never really gets ‘there’.

  • A silent woman is not always a satisfied woman–Asiame

If you happen to be the lucky guy who dates a hot girl Philippine, don’t think she’s at her pleasure peak if she chooses to ‘forever hold her tongue’. This is actually a bad sign. A clever woman doesn’t ask for too much during sex. She knows the man what the man will think- that she got more experience than him. When your lady is pretty silent, forget about ‘no comment is good comment’, ask her if something is wrong or how she like it done, say you copy that and do it like she has just said. You can never go wrong with that!

  • Women also enjoy casual sex–Asiame

Gone are the days when women used to feel used after sex. Today, Colombian chicks can enjoy casual sex as well as men do. Two rules apply to men. One, on casual sex, don’t attend Vietnam sexy babes with some rocket speed as if you getting some illegal goods. Do it nice and slow and make it worth her while. Two, don’t call her a slut just because she had sex with you and you two aren’t exactly in a relationship. Seriously, she has the right to do that.


  • Being traditional is not alwaysthe key–Asiame

Surprise, surprise! Only eight percent of women attain orgasm through vaginal penetration. This is a fact backed up by serious research. As it turns out, vaginal penetration is just a technique to serve men seeking girl for marriage, leaving the women with a sexual hangover. Free advice here, if you dating a Vietnam woman stop pumping and start touching. Both of you are going to know a new face of sex.

  • Communicate honestly–Asiame

This is a no brainer. Talk, talk, and talk. And after you are done talking to her, talk some more. If you can’t have an honest conversation with your Vietnam hot girl, especially about sex, then you simply don’t know her. Let her tell you what she likes, then tell her what you like. When it comes to her pleasure, communication may be the only key.

Culture has always shown that a man’s sexual pleasure is a man’s right and a woman’s obligation. Wrong. It should actually be the opposite. A real man should ensure her lady gets it all. Master her body the way you master a good video game, tell Asian women looking for man that their body couldn’t have come from just one rib, tell her she must enjoy it. And she will.